Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Still reading...

We are still going...
I took quite a break over Christmas Vacation.  I read Christmas books to the girls, but none of the 50 on the list.  I've done a little better though.  The past few days, I've read: The Stinky Cheese Man, If you give a Mouse a Cookie, & The Kissing Hand.  That may be all of the 50.  I borrowed The Stinky Cheese Man from school.  It was pretty funny.  Shaun stopped by the room after I finished reading to tease me about my accents.  Yes, I read in accents when at all possible- which is often! :)
Sami still complains about me reading books at night.  I don't know if she would just rather play with her ipad, even though that's not an option.  Who knows? Sometimes, she randomly wants me to read her a story in the middle of the afternoon.  When SHE asks me, she listens intently, but it's a story she's chosen and won't listen to any other stories.  UGH! Ashlyn keeps telling her that "Mommy is reading to me too, you don't have to listen".  At least one of my children enjoy hearing stories.  If Sami didn't look just like me & my Daddy, I might start wondering if she really is mine! ha ha!
Hopefully, there will be a few more books to add later this week.  I'm going to get on a Dr. Seuss kick pretty soon since there are so many of them on the list.  I know she loves Go Dog Go, so maybe that will be a good reading night! ;)


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