Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Down, 48 to go!

I love the fact that I have 48 books "to read" to my girls! They have 2 book cases literally FULL of books! I love that they have and WANT books! Sami is still too young to read, but she "reads" often! She will read those picture books and I love it! We also have a fairly good collection of TAG reader books.  I started buying them when Ashlyn was little & I adopted a few from Maggie.  Sami has really gotten into those lately.
Here is a picture of their book cases in their play room:

This pink storage box is full of the tag books with our 2 tag reader pens. 

Tonight for story time, Sami picked (among others) Polar Bear, Polar Bear, so I thought- "Why not grab one more for tonight from our list" so I chose Pokey Little Puppy-  One of my favorites.  Ashlyn enjoyed them both.  By the time I got around to Pokey Little Puppy (after Mr. Tickle, Polar Bear, 2 Dora books & The Merriest Shipwreck), she was bored with my reading & had picked up her own books to read. 
I am pretty confident I will be able to accomplish this list of 50 books as long as I can find all of the books I don't own. 
Have a great night!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

50 Books to Read Before You're 5

Well, here it is, the big list of books to read to your sweet baby before they turn 5!
No problem, right? They're still a baby.  You'll have PLENTY of time... then, before you know it- they're getting ready for kindergarten! Don't even get me started... I might cry!
Ok, NOT why we're here... sorry-
The List- again, not sure who came up with this? My best guess is BAM since I found it at their store.

1. Barnyard Dance * 3/2/16
2. Belly Button Book 3/2/16
3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? * 10/4/15
4. Chicka Chicka ABC *
5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom *  2/5/16
6. Curious George Visits the Zoo * 10/4/15
7. Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  (library) 2/26/16
8. Duck in the Truck 3/2/16
9. Good Night, Gorilla  2/25/16
10. Good Night Moon *  2/5/16
11. Go, Dog, Go! *
12. Green Eggs & Ham * 2/5/16
13. Guess How Much I Love You * 11/17/15
14. Fox in Socks *
15. Frog & Toad are Friends
16. How Full is Your Bucket? *
17. How I became a Pirate 2/28/16
18. If I could keep you Little *
19. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie *  1/4/16
20. Ladybug girl and the Bug Squad *
21. Little Blue Truck 2/28/16
22. Llama Llama Red Pajama *
23. Love you Forever  2/5/16
24. Make way for Ducklings 3/2/16
25. My Very First Winnie the Pooh *
26. Oh, the Places You'll Go!* 3/2/16
27. Oh the Things you can Think! 3/2/16
28. Olivia (library) 2/22/16
29. On the Night You Were Born
30. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish *
31. Pat the Bunny
32. Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes* 2/18/16
33. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? *  8/10/15
34. The Cat in the Hat * 3/2/16
35. The Kissing Hand * 1/3/16
36. The Little Engine that Could *
37. The Little Red Hen
38. The Mitten *(purchased in Nov. 2015)
39. The Poky Little Puppy *  8/10/15
40. The Rainbow Fish  2/25/16
41. The Runaway Bunny
42. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales  1/5/16
43. The Tale of Peter Rabbit *
44. The Very Hungry Caterpillar * 11/15/15
45. Shelia Rae the Brave *(purchased in Oct. 2015)  11/1/15
46. Someday 2/22/16
47. Stellaluna * 11/2/15
48. We're going on a Bear Hunt 3/2/16
49. Where the Wild Things Are 2/22/16
50 You are My I Love You

* Means I/my children own this book
"1/23/15" - Date I read book to girls

So, there it is- I feel better knowing I own a lot of these which will give me some time to find the books I don't own at our library or through Amazon. Wish me luck!


1/2 Way Through C25K Training Plan

That's right! I made it through 4 weeks (with 1 week off while on vacation) of my 5K training plan.  The problem with this is that I am supposed to be running a 10K in 2 weeks! I think I've decided to not worry about my time.  It is really getting to me mentally. I don't have room for that in my head right now.  I just need to focus on finishing standing up! I know I can do that!!! I may not run the entire thing, but that is OK!!!
If I have to be put in the last corral at Disney's Half - then so be it.  Again-  I just have to finish. If I don't get any pictures with any characters, it will be ok.  I just have to finish!

Today's Run:
I was worried since I haven't run in 1 week.  I started out slow, but then was able to get a good pace going.  I did my first 3 minutes pretty easily.  The first 5 minutes weren't too bad either.  The 2nd 3 minute jog was a little tougher & the last 5 minutes was pretty tough- but I didn't stop! Literally- I kept going! It "ended" 2 houses down from my own, but instead of turning left, I went right and jogged/walked around 1 more block.  It wasn't much more, but it was more of a mental challenge- I knew I didn't have someone in my ear telling me it was time to walk or run.  I had to make myself go. Once again, it was tough- but I did it.  So, here are my stats:

Time:  28:29
Distance: 2.11- yay! I finally went 2 miles... ha ha
Min/Mile: 13:29- not bad considering I did a bit of walking in my "extra" stretch
So there it is... I didn't fall out or throw up, so I guess it should be considered a good morning. :)


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Topics for Discussion

I've decided I want to write about more than just running.  I have 3 new topics I want to discuss:
1. My Books I read: Don't worry- I'm a super slow reader so there won't be many of these.  I'd like to think I would just throw out a review of a book I've read. 
2. 50 Books to Read Before You're 5: There is a list of children's books that should be read before your baby turns 5.  I've failed miserably with Sami on this.  I read so much to Ashlyn, but not to poor Sami.  :( I'm going to accomplish this goal! I only have about 6-7 months to do it. I will write out the list and cross them out as I go or something- not sure exactly, but I will have some way to "showing" which of those books I've read to her.  I'm also not sure who put out this list. Maybe Books A Million?
3. My Year of Disney: Yes, I've obviously saved the best for last.  Towards the end of my vacation this June, I upgraded my ticket and the girls tickets for Annual passes.  :) This means we can visit the parks as much as we like for 1 year! Wooo Hooo!!! I obviously have already used them in June & August.  I also have several trips planned for this year. I would like to write a little trip report & maybe throw in a few pictures from the trips as we go.  It will be fun!

I hope I have the time to set aside and do these things.  I really enjoy writing- even if no one is reading. :)

Uh Oh...

Hi there!

It has officially been more than 1 week since I've run! Aaaaggggghhhhhh!  I went to 6 Flags last Saturday with the youth at our church.  Sunday morning I woke up at 4, drove to Disney and ended the afternoon at Animal Kingdom.  I was so exhausted as we were leaving, I thought I was going to die.  I went immediately to sleep.  Needless to say, I did NOT wake early the next morning to go run. I actually ended up sleeping 14 hours.  Yes, you read that correctly- 14 hours! I know because my fitbit told me. 
So, my plans to keep running on vacation were foiled.  boo!  I walked more than 31 miles last week, but  I ran 0 miles. At least I walked, right?
So- tomorrow I ABSOLUTELY have to get up and go running.  I am a nervous to run after such a long break.  I also found out today, I'm not supposed to wear any ear buds while running in that 10k! Oh yeah, did I mention that was in 2 WEEKS??? I haven't even run a 5k yet! I'm so dead!
Speaking of earbuds- I need a really good running mix.  Any thoughts? I obviously like faster songs to keep my pace up & my brain thinking positively. 
I guess that's all for now since I don't have anything to report...
Til next time...