Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Down, 48 to go!

I love the fact that I have 48 books "to read" to my girls! They have 2 book cases literally FULL of books! I love that they have and WANT books! Sami is still too young to read, but she "reads" often! She will read those picture books and I love it! We also have a fairly good collection of TAG reader books.  I started buying them when Ashlyn was little & I adopted a few from Maggie.  Sami has really gotten into those lately.
Here is a picture of their book cases in their play room:

This pink storage box is full of the tag books with our 2 tag reader pens. 

Tonight for story time, Sami picked (among others) Polar Bear, Polar Bear, so I thought- "Why not grab one more for tonight from our list" so I chose Pokey Little Puppy-  One of my favorites.  Ashlyn enjoyed them both.  By the time I got around to Pokey Little Puppy (after Mr. Tickle, Polar Bear, 2 Dora books & The Merriest Shipwreck), she was bored with my reading & had picked up her own books to read. 
I am pretty confident I will be able to accomplish this list of 50 books as long as I can find all of the books I don't own. 
Have a great night!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

50 Books to Read Before You're 5

Well, here it is, the big list of books to read to your sweet baby before they turn 5!
No problem, right? They're still a baby.  You'll have PLENTY of time... then, before you know it- they're getting ready for kindergarten! Don't even get me started... I might cry!
Ok, NOT why we're here... sorry-
The List- again, not sure who came up with this? My best guess is BAM since I found it at their store.

1. Barnyard Dance * 3/2/16
2. Belly Button Book 3/2/16
3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? * 10/4/15
4. Chicka Chicka ABC *
5. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom *  2/5/16
6. Curious George Visits the Zoo * 10/4/15
7. Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  (library) 2/26/16
8. Duck in the Truck 3/2/16
9. Good Night, Gorilla  2/25/16
10. Good Night Moon *  2/5/16
11. Go, Dog, Go! *
12. Green Eggs & Ham * 2/5/16
13. Guess How Much I Love You * 11/17/15
14. Fox in Socks *
15. Frog & Toad are Friends
16. How Full is Your Bucket? *
17. How I became a Pirate 2/28/16
18. If I could keep you Little *
19. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie *  1/4/16
20. Ladybug girl and the Bug Squad *
21. Little Blue Truck 2/28/16
22. Llama Llama Red Pajama *
23. Love you Forever  2/5/16
24. Make way for Ducklings 3/2/16
25. My Very First Winnie the Pooh *
26. Oh, the Places You'll Go!* 3/2/16
27. Oh the Things you can Think! 3/2/16
28. Olivia (library) 2/22/16
29. On the Night You Were Born
30. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish *
31. Pat the Bunny
32. Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes* 2/18/16
33. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? *  8/10/15
34. The Cat in the Hat * 3/2/16
35. The Kissing Hand * 1/3/16
36. The Little Engine that Could *
37. The Little Red Hen
38. The Mitten *(purchased in Nov. 2015)
39. The Poky Little Puppy *  8/10/15
40. The Rainbow Fish  2/25/16
41. The Runaway Bunny
42. The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales  1/5/16
43. The Tale of Peter Rabbit *
44. The Very Hungry Caterpillar * 11/15/15
45. Shelia Rae the Brave *(purchased in Oct. 2015)  11/1/15
46. Someday 2/22/16
47. Stellaluna * 11/2/15
48. We're going on a Bear Hunt 3/2/16
49. Where the Wild Things Are 2/22/16
50 You are My I Love You

* Means I/my children own this book
"1/23/15" - Date I read book to girls

So, there it is- I feel better knowing I own a lot of these which will give me some time to find the books I don't own at our library or through Amazon. Wish me luck!


1/2 Way Through C25K Training Plan

That's right! I made it through 4 weeks (with 1 week off while on vacation) of my 5K training plan.  The problem with this is that I am supposed to be running a 10K in 2 weeks! I think I've decided to not worry about my time.  It is really getting to me mentally. I don't have room for that in my head right now.  I just need to focus on finishing standing up! I know I can do that!!! I may not run the entire thing, but that is OK!!!
If I have to be put in the last corral at Disney's Half - then so be it.  Again-  I just have to finish. If I don't get any pictures with any characters, it will be ok.  I just have to finish!

Today's Run:
I was worried since I haven't run in 1 week.  I started out slow, but then was able to get a good pace going.  I did my first 3 minutes pretty easily.  The first 5 minutes weren't too bad either.  The 2nd 3 minute jog was a little tougher & the last 5 minutes was pretty tough- but I didn't stop! Literally- I kept going! It "ended" 2 houses down from my own, but instead of turning left, I went right and jogged/walked around 1 more block.  It wasn't much more, but it was more of a mental challenge- I knew I didn't have someone in my ear telling me it was time to walk or run.  I had to make myself go. Once again, it was tough- but I did it.  So, here are my stats:

Time:  28:29
Distance: 2.11- yay! I finally went 2 miles... ha ha
Min/Mile: 13:29- not bad considering I did a bit of walking in my "extra" stretch
So there it is... I didn't fall out or throw up, so I guess it should be considered a good morning. :)


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Topics for Discussion

I've decided I want to write about more than just running.  I have 3 new topics I want to discuss:
1. My Books I read: Don't worry- I'm a super slow reader so there won't be many of these.  I'd like to think I would just throw out a review of a book I've read. 
2. 50 Books to Read Before You're 5: There is a list of children's books that should be read before your baby turns 5.  I've failed miserably with Sami on this.  I read so much to Ashlyn, but not to poor Sami.  :( I'm going to accomplish this goal! I only have about 6-7 months to do it. I will write out the list and cross them out as I go or something- not sure exactly, but I will have some way to "showing" which of those books I've read to her.  I'm also not sure who put out this list. Maybe Books A Million?
3. My Year of Disney: Yes, I've obviously saved the best for last.  Towards the end of my vacation this June, I upgraded my ticket and the girls tickets for Annual passes.  :) This means we can visit the parks as much as we like for 1 year! Wooo Hooo!!! I obviously have already used them in June & August.  I also have several trips planned for this year. I would like to write a little trip report & maybe throw in a few pictures from the trips as we go.  It will be fun!

I hope I have the time to set aside and do these things.  I really enjoy writing- even if no one is reading. :)

Uh Oh...

Hi there!

It has officially been more than 1 week since I've run! Aaaaggggghhhhhh!  I went to 6 Flags last Saturday with the youth at our church.  Sunday morning I woke up at 4, drove to Disney and ended the afternoon at Animal Kingdom.  I was so exhausted as we were leaving, I thought I was going to die.  I went immediately to sleep.  Needless to say, I did NOT wake early the next morning to go run. I actually ended up sleeping 14 hours.  Yes, you read that correctly- 14 hours! I know because my fitbit told me. 
So, my plans to keep running on vacation were foiled.  boo!  I walked more than 31 miles last week, but  I ran 0 miles. At least I walked, right?
So- tomorrow I ABSOLUTELY have to get up and go running.  I am a nervous to run after such a long break.  I also found out today, I'm not supposed to wear any ear buds while running in that 10k! Oh yeah, did I mention that was in 2 WEEKS??? I haven't even run a 5k yet! I'm so dead!
Speaking of earbuds- I need a really good running mix.  Any thoughts? I obviously like faster songs to keep my pace up & my brain thinking positively. 
I guess that's all for now since I don't have anything to report...
Til next time...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I've begun week 4!

Week 4 has officially begun! Yay me!
In case you forgot- I'm all about celebrating the small things. 
Today I decided to take my run outside again (3rd outside run in a row!).  It was a little warmer than I expected, but I did get out there about 30 minutes later than I wanted.
So, today's "schedule" was run 3 minutes/ walk 90 seconds; run 5 minutes/walk 2.5;  run 3/walk 90; run 5- then begin your cool down.
I am proud to say I did it! Now, I'm not going to lie.  That last 5 minutes, I was not sure I was going to make it.  Had my final 1 minute warning not come up, I probably would have stopped jogging in exchange for a brisk walk.  But oh I was beaming when I made it.  I was talking myself through it too.  But, for the 1st time in a while, I ran 16 minutes (non consecutively).  GO ME!!!
I also didn't watch my pace, but tried to do what I was comfortable doing. I didn't really push myself until that final 5 minutes, when I tried to actually pick up the pace a bit.  Here are my stats:

Time: 21:55
Distance- 1.58 miles (Yes! I finally ran a mile & a half!)
Minute / mile: 13:52- again faster than the 16 minute mile I have to maintain for like- 3 hours. 

I'm still nervous about the 10K, but I'm just going to do the best I can do.  If I don't make it into a "faster" corral, then I'll just have to push myself to beat the bus. 

Next week I am a little worried about my training.  Saturday, I'm going to be out of town (6 flags with my church youth group). Sunday, I'm taking the girls back down to Disney and to visit a friend for a few days... so- When am I going to run? I'm going to be exhausted from 6 flags & the drive down.  Our plan is to get up early to hit the parks, come home for lunch, then go back at night.  I am NOT going to run mid day in Orlando.  There will not be a treadmill available to me.  What am I to do? Right now, I'm just thinking I'll get up extra early & go outside and run my friend's neighborhood.  The only problem with that is even if I do it 1 day, the odds of me doing it after 3 days in the parks are falling quite significantly.  I am going to have to motivate myself and remind myself of the BIG picture... and visualize that finish line!
I'll let you know when I finish week 4... :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 3 in the books....

I have not wanted to run the past 3 days, so I didn't.  This morning I knew  had to get up and go though, so I did. As a "punishment" to myself, I didn't go to the treadmill, I ran outside.  It was only 75 when I left the house, so it wasn't too bad yet. 
I am really starting to worry about this 10 K.  I don't even know if I'll be ready to run a 5K by then! The most I've done is 1 1/2 miles! What have I done?!? Shaun keeps telling me I need to run longer, but I'm trying to build my endurance, not just go all out and run a long distance. I don't know. 
My "Plan" is to do as well as I can in this 10K in August, then maybe sign up for another one in October or November.  By then I will be better prepared.  Shaun says there isn't another one anywhere around here anytime soon.  What a Debbie Downer.. Just kidding- I love him.
If there isn't another one then..... ROAD TRIP!!! I'm sure I can find one somewhere.
Ok, my morning's run:

Like I said I was outside.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel worn out or too hot or tired.  I think the break was good for my body.  My leg wasn't even hurting!  Instead of looking at my pace on the phone while running & walking, I just tried to pace myself.  I am trying to learn how to jog at a slower pace.   I did it today.  I was able to run a fairly slower pace without tracking it while jogging.  Here are the results after my run:

Distance: 1.21 miles (not very far)
Time: 18:13
Minute/Mile: 15:06*
My elevation was only about 20 feet if I'm reading that correctly. 
So, my average mile is under 16 minutes- without tracking myself! That's good.  Even though it's not great- I decided today that a slow jog is better than no jog.
With that, I think I will sign off !

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Whiney Little Post

Hi there,
Fair warning: I might whine a bit. 

Today was a struggle.  I got up at a decent time, went outside to run & was pleasantly surprised it wasn't too hot yet.  (77°) I did my warm up walk & then began my jog.  The first jog was 90 seconds- I did fine on that one.  I knew the second jog was going to be 3 minutes, so I didn't want to tire out so I was trying really hard to keep a slower pace.  Of course as soon as my job time begins, I start up a small hill.  I pushed through & was able to run the entire 3 minutes.  Obviously, I was not as fast as when I'm on the treadmill, but I did run the entire thing.  The last 3 minute jog I was mostly going downhill.  It wasn't until the final 45-60 seconds I began going back uphill.  I did it though! I was proud of that... BUT

This is the first day I'm questioning myself & my ability to do this.  I'm proud of my measly almost 1.5 mile run... great! Only 11.6 more miles to go! I know I have all fall/winter to train for the half, but I am feeling a little discouraged.  I guess I'm starting to worry a little about this 10K I signed up for in August.  My 5K training won't even be finished by then.  I'm going to have to start adding a running day to my schedule.  Either do 4 days a week of the training to speed it up, or just take long runs on Saturdays (this is Shaun's suggestion). 
While I'm on the complain train... my leg still hurts! It is my right leg & it hurts while I run and throughout the day after my run.  Like, right now, it feels like someone is squeezing my calf with all their might.  Hey! Maybe that's the fat squeezing out.  Ha ha..
Ok, no more complaining... I promise. 
Here are my stats according to runkeeper:

Time: 18.59
Distance: 1.37 (not nearly as far as on the treadmill)
Min/Mile: 13.49
Calories: 214

It doesn't give me the mile/hour but the minute mile is helpful.  I use this to make sure I'm running at a pace I can do.  The problem is when I hear, "Begin running", I take off.  Obviously, I can't keep up that pace for very long at all.... So, I'm trying to learn to pace myself.  It just feels so unnatural and I feel so sluggish & slow.  I can only imagine how I look out there. 


Honestly, the dog probably has better form!
There is today's run... I know my next one will be better.  I didn't want to write this post, but I feel like I need to be able to look back and see that every run is not easy. 
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The beginning of Week 3

Hello There! Happy Tuesday to you all!

I have not been sleeping well lately- which is NOT like me.  I usually am asleep less than 10 minutes after my head hits the pillow.  Sunday night I was up tossing & turning until 3 something.  Last night, I was up until after 1.  Needless to say, I'm not super energetic in the morning, but I knew since I skipped yesterday, I HAD to get a run in today.  I chose noon as a good time, so obviously, I was inside on the treadmill.

My right calf is still a little sore so I didn't add an incline today.  But, I ran faster than I have previously! Yay me. 
Since today was the beginning of Week 3, it means new training times.  I apparently read the description wrong.  I thought it said, "90 seconds running/90 seconds walking"- which it did, but then it added, "3 minutes running/3 minutes walking".  I have to say, during that first 3 minutes of jogging, I was thinking, "This is a really long 90 seconds... Maybe I missed the 'walk' cue.... Whatever, I can do it.... Seriously, when am I supposed to walk?" I finally got my phone out to see if I was going crazy right as it told me to start walking.  I noticed the remaining time was 2:58.  That's when I read the description a little better.  I was ok though! The 2nd 3 minute jog, I pushed myself to run faster than normal & I was able to keep it up! I had to talk myself through it a couple of times, but I was proud of my mini accomplishment.  And yes- I'm one of those, "I can do it!" girls.  I have talked myself through a LOT of workouts. 

I think I am going to start taking & posting a pic of myself at the end of my run.  Here I am right now (post shower & a good 45 minutes after my run), but it's a start. 

This way, I'll be able to go back and say, "I was able to smile after that little run..."

Ok, here are todays stats:
Total time: 18:32 (not counting my warm up & cool down)
Distance: 1.41 miles
Calories: 172
Avg MPH: 4.5
Avg min/mile: 13.51

Yay! Again, I know it was a short, inside run, but I also know it will help me get to where I want to go: The Finish Line of the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!!
My "I can do it?" is turning into "I think I might be able to do this..."

I'm not sure when I'm going to get my outside run in this week.  It's REALLY hot here... Hopefully, I will fall asleep early enough to get up super early tomorrow or Thursday morning.
Til next time,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week 2- In the books!

Week 2 is officially finished! Woo Hoo!!! I know it's still early in my training, but I'm celebrating the little steps!
I think this was the longest break I've had from running.  I took Thursday & Friday off. I definitely felt it today! This was the first time my legs have hurt.  Actually, it was just my right calf.  It felt tight & really sore & didn't get better as I ran.  Even after my shower, it's still hurting.  I must not be stretching right.  I'll have to look up good pre & post running stretches, I guess.  So- leg in pain- here are my workout results :

Total time: 24 minute;
Distance: 1.64 miles;
Avg MPH: 4.0;
Avg Minute/Mile: 15:58- this is the important one! I have to keep at least a 16 minute mile in the Princess Half.  This is including a warm up walk, so it is probably a little better than this...
Vertical ft: 190
Avg Grade: 2.1- I'm wondering if these last 2 are my incline.  I set it at 2.5 for the 1st half & then dropped it to 2.0.  I'm just trying to be a little realistic regarding hills. 

Anyhoo... That's all for now!  I will start week 3 Monday (unless I get a wild hair tomorrow morning) which is 90 seconds running/90 seconds walking.  The overall workout is shorter, but so is my "recovery" time. I think I can do it!
I guess we'll see... ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm already spoiled...

What is this? 2 posts in one day??? Yes, well... I had to post a quick running update.  Yeah, that's right- I got up extra early on my birthday & went for a run. Why? Because I can! 
Today was my outside day!  It wasn't super hot yet, but the pacing is still messing with me.  I get winded a lot faster outside than on that trusty old treadmill.  I didn't go as far today, but my time was much better.  According to Run keeper, my average min/mile was 13.53! That's amazing! I only need a 16 min mile for the Disney Princess Half.  Granted, I'll have to be running like 20 times longer... Anyway- I did it! That's what is important.  I only felt like I wasn't going to make it (through the running part) once, BUT, I felt like I could keep running once.  So, it evened itself out.  There were a few small hills on my path this morning too, so I'm sure that had an effect as well.
So there it is- Week 2/Day 2 & Week 2 Outside Run is in the books! Whew! Now, I'm going to go enjoy my birthday coffee!

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's get this out of the way: I love birthdays! I love MY birthday! Why? I don't know. Maybe because it is the one day of the year I hear from friends I love dearly. Maybe it's because I know I will get to spend the evening with my family. Maybe it's because I like attention & this day is all mine!!!

 Ok, just kidding about the last part.  Let's be honest- your birthday as an adult is not as much fun as when you're a kid.  Who wants to add another number to that "age"? Not me.  Much like my mom, I tend to fabricate my age.  As a matter of fact- about 3 months ago, I was filling out paperwork at a Dr.'s office & I put my "pretend" age (not realizing it) & filled in my actual birth date (the year).  They must have thought I was completely mental.  Oh well... I'm sure they figured it out.  What does your age even mean? I'm clearly old enough to vote, drink, rent a car and pretty much anything else legally I want.  The next "good" birthday is the one I officially am considered a senior citizen so I can get my discount at the Movie Theater.  Not much to get excited about.  So... my age is how young I feel.  Today... I feel...  older than my 20s... I think- early 30's.  That sounds good to me. 33? 34? Who cares?!  As my Grandma Goey always said, "It beats the alternative!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Well, It's official...

I am officially signed up to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon February 2016!
I honestly am not sure how I feel about it- excited, nervous, confident, NOT confident, disbelief...
Anyway, I AM going to do it! My goal is to get into a faster corral so I will have time to stop and take some pics with the characters.  In order to get in a faster corral I will have to submit an official time from a 10k between August & November.  So... that being said:
I have signed up for my first 10k! 
Shaun & I are going to run it together.  Well, he'll be running much faster, but we will be in the same race. It is the 3rd Annual Moonlight Dash 10k. 

I have done a 5k, but never "seriously".  My C25K will be "finished" the week following the 10k, so we will see how that works out...
Speaking of my program, I started week 2 today.  It felt like I hadn't run in a few days, but I only took 1 day off.  Today, I ran for 90 seconds, walking for 2.  I felt really good, but again I was on a treadmill.  I'm going to try to run at least 1 day a week outside so I don't get too spoiled on the treadmill.  Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am going to try to run outside early in the morning.  We shall see!
I'll let you know!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm baaaaccccckkkkk

Hi! We are just going to pretend I haven't logged on in almost 4 years...
I will probably finish the blog challenge I started (again... 4 years ago) but I really want to talk about my attempt at running a half marathon! This is really therapy and encouragement for me so feel free to skip the running blogs if that bores you. :)

So far, I've made it all the way to week 2 of the C25K- yes you read that correctly, week 2.  That means I've run a whopping 3 times, but at least I did those 3 times, right? I also managed to work in a class at the Y 1 day! So, let me sum up my 1st official week of running:

Day 1
"I can do this..." This mantra is how I started my run.  I left my front door ready to take on my neighborhood.  Shortly after I began running my "I can do this" turned to "Holy Guacamole it's hot out here!" (It was probably around 7 in the morning).  I pushed myself to finish though.  I had not hydrated myself before the run (or the previous day) so I was thirsty.  I also forgot to take my puff (my inhaler for exercise-induced asthma).  I just can't seem to take deep breaths or get the air into my lungs when running or working out.  Needless to say,  it wasn't the best experience ever, but I was happy I finished it- even if I wasn't very confident I would be able to do much more than that. 

Day 2
It is actually 4 days later- Rather than run outside, I opted for the treadmill.  I knew it would be "easier" than running on the actual ground, but I justified it by thinking, "I will work on my lungs first, then my legs".  I did a lot better! I ran a few seconds more than I was supposed to run each time.  I felt like I could have gone a bit farther running, but stuck to my little trainer on my phone.  (I'm using the C25K app by ZenLabs).  It made me happy that I felt better about the run.  I was excited to see my results. BUT- As the screen was showing me my workout results, I hit a button & it restarted a new program, erasing all of my data.  :( I was very sad- But at least I felt better about the run. 

Day 3
Literally less than 12 hours after my Day 2 run- Back to the treadmill I go. Once again, I opted for indoors.  I am sure I'm going to be fussing at myself when I do go back outside.  Anyway, I figured my legs would be tired from running the night before, but they were ok.  I elevated the treadmill a couple of inclines hoping that would help me outside.  I guess we will see. 
I felt good about this run as well! I am trying to figure out my pacing so when I do go outside, I don't just start sprinting. Obviously, when I do this- I don't make it very far.   I am not good at running "slow".  I'm not really sure how to work this out.  Time, I guess?
Anyway, I only ran 1 1/2 miles, but it felt good.  I felt like I could keep running after she said, "Begin Walking".  Next week (This week) my "run" time gets longer so we'll see how I do with that...

So, if you're wondering why I've decided to take up running (other than the obvious health reasons)- I want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I have never come close to running something like that, but I think I can do it! I have lots of people tell me, "If I could do you, you can do it".  I hope they are right! Registration is Tuesday.  I'll let you know if I get in!
Have a great afternoon!