Saturday, February 6, 2016

Since we're both sick...

Hi there,
So I realized (and am slightly shocked) that I barely have a month to finish my 50 before 5 list! How is it possible that my baby- my LITTLE BABY is about to be 5 in a month??? I am not even dealing with that right now!
Anyway, we are both home sick, so I went through her library & pulled all of the books on the list we own.  I allowed her to choose 3 plus I borrowed  "I will love you forever" from my class.  So... on my bed sick and pitiful, Sami & I read:
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- she enjoyed counting all the way to 100 at the end of the book. :)
I will Love you Forever- and no, I did not make it through the book without crying.  She didn't notice since my voice is already hoarse from being sick. Such a sweet story that just reminds me of how fast both of my babies are growing up! :(
Goodnight Moon- I still know this one from when Ashlyn was little.  It was her favorite & we read it almost every night.  It will always have a soft spot in my heart & will always remind me of my first sweet baby. 
Green Eggs and Ham- Sami likes this one.  She likes to tell me where Mr. Knox does NOT want to eat them. :)
This was probably the most attentive Sami has been in a while for books.  No ipad, no "reading" other books while I was reading, just good ol listening and asking questions about the story or pictures.  It was nice. We will see how she does the next time.  I still have a few books I need to "find" that I know our library does not carry.   Of course, we all know I don't mind buying them... ;)

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