Saturday, February 27, 2016

Will we ever make it to the Half Marathon?

Well, after my last blog about running 5 miles, I was so excited! 2 days later, I went out for a "quick" 2-mile run.  I came home and my left knee was screaming with pain! I put some ice on it & took some Advil hoping that would ease some of the pain.  Two days later, it was still hard to walk on it! I couldn't straighten it out on my own, I couldn't put pressure on it, I certainly couldn't run on it!  I figured I would let it heal for about 2 more days, then get back out there. 
Then, I got sick.  I couldn't breathe, my head was always stuffy, I was coughing... it was ridiculous. This lasted a week.  I ended up with a sinus infection.  I went to the Dr, got a shot & a round of antibiotics and finally started feeling better- which was good, since the race was now in... one week!
That's right- One week away from my first ever Disney Run, first ever Half Marathon, heck, First ever any distance official race! You want to talk about negative voices in my head? Oh- they were there all right, only now they were SCREAMING!

So, here we are, week of the race.  I'm trying to figure out what to do at this point- to run or not run? Then, as if I didn't have enough obstacles already in my way, Sami ( my 4 year old) gets bitten by a spider.  We go to the Dr. and she is very concerned.  It looks as if the bite is infected.  She wants me to come back in 2 days- which is Friday- the day we leave for Disney. 
We go back Friday. It's looking better, but she is still worried.  At this point- there is no way I'm leaving her here.
NOW WHAT??? Shaun (my sweet husband) and I try to figure something out.  We know for sure she's going with us, but who will watch her while we're running? We call a bunch of people to see if anyone can drop everything to go to Disney for 2 days.  Naturally, no one can.  Shaun suggests he stay with her & let me run.  I can't stand this idea.  We talk to my mom (who was supposed to be keeping the girls).  She and my Dad both say if only one of us can run, it needs to be Shaun since I won't finish.  (Yay for super-supportive parents).
So, there we are. Friday night, 2 hours after we should have left- feeling completely defeated.  Shaun walks in and says, "Did you call Delrose?" Now, Delrose is my godmother. No, I had not asked her because I knew it would be really hard for her to just pick up and go on such short notice.  Shaun told me to call her.  Reluctantly, I did.  I was still crying when she answered.  She already knew what was going on and basically, she said, "Well, it wouldn't be my first choice, but sure! Why not?  What time do we leave?"  "Ummm... 3 am"
So... 7 hours later, we pull out of my driveway (me, Shaun, Sami & Delrose) headed to Disney & my first Half Marathon...

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